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12 Foods Your Dentist Won't Eat

The foods we eat don't only affect our waistline, but they also affect how healthy our mouth can be. Below are certain foods to stay clear of in order to keep a happy, healthy smile.

12. Most Sugar-Packed Canned Product - Del Monte Peach Chunks in Heavy Syrup (1/2 cup)

Unlike most foods on this list, these peaches aren't bona fide junk food; they are, after all, still fruit. But why manufacturers feel the need to can, package, and bottle nature's candy with excess sugar is a question we will never stop asking. In this case, the viscous sugar solution clings to the fruit like syrup to a pancake, soaking every bite with utterly unnecessary calories. Looking for cheap sources of fruit to have on hand at any time? Opt for the frozen stuff—it's picked at the height of season and flash frozen on the spot, keeping costs low and nutrients high.

11. Most Sugar-Packed Breakfast Baked Good - Tim Horton's Whole Grain Raspberry Muffin

These are the types of nutrition numbers you'd expect from a hunk of coffee cake, not a whole grain muffin. Truth is, the two are more similar than you'd think. After all, this bevy of berries is teeming with more sugar than you'd find in a pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. If you want an easy-to-eat breakfast food, grab a croissant over a muffin. They may be heavy on flaky, buttery flavor, but they're usually one of the safest baked goods you'll find at a cafe or coffee shop.

10. Most Sugar-Packed Cereal - Quaker Natural Granola Oat & Honey & Raisins (1 cup)

Like eating dessert for breakfast? Because that's basically what granola is. Sure, there's a splash of fiber, but it's completely diluted by a tidal wave of sugar. In fact, sugar accounts for more than a third of the calories in this bowl, and unfortunately, Quaker's is the rule, not the exception. The only acceptable use for granola is to crumble a small handful into plain yogurt. Save your bowls for a cereal more wholesome.

9. Most Sugar-Packed Chinese Meal - Manchu Wok Honey Garlic Chicken With Fried Rice

Why does this simple Chinese meal pack as much sugar as a pack of Skittles? Blame the Honey Garlic Sauce bathing the chicken. The Honey Garlic Chicken packs about twice the sugar as the Pineapple Chicken, so making that switch will automatically improve the dish. Do yourself one extra favor and switch to mixed vegetables instead of rice as a side. You'll earn flavor and nutrients while eliminating 280 calories.

8. Most Sugar-Packed Mall Snack - Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel With Sweet Dip

The combination of the sweetest pretzel with the sweetest dip (there are 32 grams of sugar in that little cup!) makes this the most nefarious option for your blood sugar and your chompers. Nothing trumps marinara in the battle for a better dip, but to compliment the sweet flavor of a raisin pretzel, cream cheese is far safer than the other options. Cut an extra 30 calories by asking them to prepare your pretzel sans butter.

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