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Crowns More Effective Than Fillings for Decay in Primary Molar Teeth

Diabetes Doubles Tooth Loss for US Adults

Tooth Loss Linked to Slowing Mind, Body

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Green Tea Ingredient May Target Protein to Kill Oral Cancer

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Do Americans Eat and Drink Too Much Sugar?

Tooth Loss in Seniors Linked to Mental and Physical Decline

Beyond Tooth Decay: Why Dental Hygiene is Important

Obese Patients More Likely to Have Periodontitis

Limit Foods That Can Damage Teeth

Up to 3,000 Times the Bacterial Growth Found on Hollow-head Toothbrushes

Periodontal Disease Linked to Increased Risk of Kidney Disease

Saliva Protects Teeth Against Cavities More Than We Thought

Dietary Sugars Should Be Drastically Reduced

Many People Deal With Severe Periodontitis

Exercise May Lead to Tooth Decay

Risk of Pneumonia in the Elderly Doubled by Sleeping in Dentures

OHA’s Fall for Smiles Campaign Aims to Bridge Oral Health Care Gap

Crest to Remove Microbeads From Toothpaste

What’s the Best Way to Brush Your Teeth?

How Your Oral Health is Affected by Snacking

High Acidity Drinks Can Permanently Damage Kids’ Teeth

Coffee May Fight Periodontal Disease

The Cause of Gum Disease Related to Type 2 Diabetes

Lack of Instruction Consistency Hinders Toothbrushing

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Tooth Plaque Provides Unique Insights Into Our Prehistoric Ancestors' Diet

How E-cigarettes Impact Our Oral Health

Low Public Awareness of Head/Neck Cancer

Adult Stem Cells Could Treat Tooth Loss

Nutrition is Key to Oral, Overall Health

Are Antibiotics Really Necessary?

Sports and Energy Drinks Lead to More Unhealthy Habits in Kids

Better Communication is Key to Overall Oral Health

Researchers Use Lasers to Coax Teeth Into Repairing Themselves

Red Wine Shows Promise as a Cavity Fighter

Gum Disease Bacteria May Cause Heart Disease

Program Targets Oral Health of Older Adults

What's On Your Toothbrush Just Might Surprise You

What is Oil Pulling?

Chairside Medical Screenings Could Save $102 Million a Year

Use Fluoride When The First Tooth Appears

AAE Calls on Dental Partners to Champion Root Canal Safety

April is National Facial Protection Month

Tooth Loss Linked to Depression, Anxiety

Fewer Americans Fear Root Canals

Grinding Teeth During Sleep

Adults Should Eat Less Than Six Teaspoons of Sugar a Day

Food Facts for Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Research Shows That Cavities Are Contagious

ADA Issues Disease Prevention Paper

Dental Setting Useful in Early Detection of Diabetes

Providing Dental Insurance Does Not Guarantee That People Will Seek Care

Junk Food, Poor Oral Health Increase Risk of Premature Heart Disease

Carefully Consider Implants vs. Endodontic Treatment

Could Poor Dental Health Signal a Faltering Mind?

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