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Cone Beam Technology Now Available at Texarkana Endodontics!

This office now has a Kodak 9000 3D cone beam unit that takes limited field (35mm x 50mm) scans as well as panoramic radiographs. This is the newest technology to affect endodontics and we are one of the very few endodontic offices in the area that has one. Use of this technology can assist in diagnosis and treatment planning and has helped us confirm or dismiss the need for endodontic treatment.

This radiographic tool known as the CBCT (Cone Beam Commuted Tomography) has entered the field of endodontics only in the last couple of years. This tool allows us to image an area of the patient’s mouth in three dimensions, allowing us to see the tooth from a minimum of three sides including the top. With the CBCT, we can now show the patient’s actual tooth from the front, side, or top view and show the actual missed canal, infection into the sinus, or many other scenarios. Because the areas of infection are represented more clearly, treatment is more easily understood by the patient. The CBCT therefore not only helps to improve the delivery of care, but it acts as a great communication tool to explain endodontic treatment.

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