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Dental Setting Useful in Early Detection of Diabetes

There is a link between diabetes and periodontal disease which makes the dental office a great place to screen for diabetes or pre-diabetes. Read on to learn more, and thanks for visiting Texarkana Endodontics.

There is a lot of supportive literature on screening dental patients for conditions such as hypertension and cholesterol, and now a new field trial has found that the dental setting can play an important role in identifying patients who may have diabetes or prediabetes.

A significant percentage of Americans with diabetes remain undiagnosed, and a large number of them, both children and adults, will see their dentist every year, so it is important to determine the feasibility of screening for diabetes at the dental office, said study author Robert Genco, DDS, a distinguished professor of oral biology and microbiology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, in an interview with DrBicuspid.com.

Early diagnosis of diabetes provides an opportunity to reduce smoking, hypertension, dyslipidemia and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and other complications of diabetes. Also, dentists need to be aware of whether their patients have diabetes, because uncontrolled diabetes is associated with an increased progression of periodontal disease.

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