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Morning Habits: Smartphone Beats Toothbrush

We all have our morning routines, but where does tooth brushing fall in yours? According to the following survey, most young adults check their smartphones prior to most anything else in the morning. What about you, do you check your phone before brushing your teeth in the morning? Thanks for visiting us at Texarkana Endodontics. Enjoy reading!

Nine in ten young adults check their smartphones even before brushing their teeth or getting dressed in the morning. This is one of the findings of a recently published survey conducted among 3,600 young adults aged 18 to 30 from across the globe.

For people in this age group, also known as Generation Y, checking their mobile devices for text messages, email and social media updates is an essential part of their daily morning routine. For this generation, information is real time, all the time, according to a recently published report.

Among other findings, the survey revealed that for 90 percent of the respondents checking their smartphones is an important part of getting ready for work or school. Moreover, the investigators found that one out of three used a smartphone in the bathroom regularly. Nearly 70 percent said that smartphone applications were important in their daily lives.

In addition, they found that 60 percent compulsively checked their phones, and women (85 percent) were more susceptible to obsessive checking than men (63 percent). More than two in five respondents would feel anxious — "like part of me was missing" — were they not able to check their smartphone constantly.

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