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Periodontal Disease Affects Quality of Life

Periodontal disease can affect someone physically and emotionally, and cause great discomfort when eating and discomfort in social situations. The following study relates the extent to which people can be affected from periodontal disease. Thanks for visiting us at Texarkana Endodontics.

Periodontal disease can significantly impact a person's overall quality of life, according to a new study published in the Journal of Periodontology (July 29, 2013).

A team of Swedish researchers performed clinical and radiographic exam on 443 individuals. In addition, all study participants assessed their oral health-related quality of life using the Swedish short-form version of the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14).

The researchers found that the effect of periodontal disease experience on quality of life was "considerable." Those with periodontal disease (as indicated by bone loss) experienced a worse oral health-related quality of life, including functional limitation, psychological discomfort, and social disability. Many had difficulty pronouncing words and experienced a decline in tasting the flavor of and eating foods.

In addition, sufferers of periodontal disease reported feeling insecure, tense, embarrassed, and irritated, often finding it difficult to relax and do normal daily activities.

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