MoraVision™3D An Operating Video Vision System

The MoraVision™ system brings to dentistry for the first time:

  1. An unprecedented operational and postural comfort to the practicing dentist, assistant, and hygienist.IMG_2378
  2. An unprecedented stereoscopic 3D visualization, ushering a new paradigm in evidence based clinical decision-making to everyday practice.
  3. A new platform for clinical education. The magnified stereoscopic 3D clinical teaching model dramatically improves the efficiency and proficiency of clinical education and learning comprehension. The unobstructed view of a well illuminated and magnified operating field, seen in real-time or recorded stereoscopic high definition video of a clinical dental procedure, as seen from the perspective of the operator, provides a new clinical teaching platform that will improve communications and eliminates misunderstandings and misconceptions in the clinical learning process for student, colleagues and patients alike. It can expand the one-on-one clinical teaching model from 1:1 to 1:∞ via the web. 
  4. An unprecedented ease for documentation without interruption to the clinical procedures being performed, accessing and sharing the visual information.

Below are a few videos recorded using the MoraVision