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While root canal therapy offers extremely high success rates, some patients have an endodontically treated tooth that fails to heal — or is causing pain — months or even years after successful treatment. When this occurs, the tooth is often saved by root canal retreatment. At Texarkana Endodontics, our root canal specialist, Dr. Jason Michel, has the training and volume of experience to provide the highest standards of care for root canal retreatment.

Retreatment for previous root canal therapy is not uncommon.

There are several reasons a tooth may not heal after initial root canal therapy. The anatomic structure of the tooth’s canal system can make treatment difficult. Narrow, curved or split canals may go undetected. Tooth trauma can cause the root to fracture, which can cause an infection or cyst. New decay can expose the root canal filling to bacteria and cause a new infection. This can result from a loose, cracked or broken crown or filling. A second root canal may also be necessary if decay and bacteria invade a tooth under a loose filling or an ill-fitting crown, causing contamination and failure.

What is root canal retreatment?


With root canal retreatment, Dr. Michel gently reopens the canals and removes the infection. At times, it is necessary to place calcium hydroxide as a temporary root filling and antibacterial dressing. In some circumstances, more than one appointment is required to monitor the healing progress of the tooth.

Dr. Michel then sterilizes and refills the canals. In many cases, restorative materials such as crowns and posts need to be removed in order to access the root canal. Dr. Michel will always try to preserve the original crown, if possible. If he determines that your existing crown is sealing and functioning properly, he’ll drill a small opening in the crown that can later be restored by your general dentist. Finally, for patients who have complex curved canals or blockage, we may recommend apical surgery, also known as apicoectomy.

Avoiding retreatment could cost money & affect your oral health.

It’s not uncommon for people to put off endodontic care, including the retreatment they need to protect their smile and their oral health. Fear of root canal care is a chief reason for this, but saving a tooth with root canal retreatment can save you time and money compared to the alternatives. If you lose your tooth, the gap left behind will need to be addressed with either a bridge, dental implant or partial denture. Worse, an infection can have consequences for your oral health and even your overall health.

When you need retreatment for a root canal problem, put your trust in the skilled endodontist who has complete capabilities and who works with your dentist to preserve your natural teeth and keep you out of pain. Call Texarkana Endodontics today. Phone: (903) 793-7411 – Toll-Free: (888) 287-7555.